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Parish Newsletter







Mrs. L.A. Ruff, Clerk of the Council, Street Parish Rooms, 6 Leigh Road, Street,


Somerset   BA16  0HA                            Tel.  (01458)  440588


Email          Website






C U R R E N T    P A R I S H    P R O J E C T S






Last month the Parish Council published a summary of the Street High Street Area Action Plan through the local press, noticeboards, website and Facebook.  It summarised the plans and proposals for improving the viability and vitality of the village centre.  Local residents were able to contact Street Parish Council to give their views on the plan.  All comments received are currently being considered before the plan moves on to the next stage.




Following the success of last year’s event there will be another Heritage Weekend this year in Street, co-ordinated by The Street Society, Strode Theatre and the Clarks Foundation.  The events will be held in Street on the 13th and 14th September as part of the countrywide scheme.  There will be two illustrated talks at 7.30pm on Friday 13th September at Strode Theatre on the subject of Quaker Women and Quakers in Industry.  The talks will be followed by a film by Neil Clarke of the 2012 Wilfrid Road Open Day.

On Saturday 14th September there will be timed visits to the new Clarks archive building, The Grange, the Shoe Museum and the factory site.  Tickets for all events will be free but must be obtained in advance from Strode Theatre.




Would you like to become a mentor to a young person and make your mark in the local community?


Somerset Community Foundation is looking for 40 mentors for its Raising Aspirations community programme piloted at Crispin School in Street. The scheme, which has been running for two years, aims to help students fulfil their potential and progress opportunities. Pupils are paired up with volunteer mentors from local businesses from a range of backgrounds who provide support and create a motivational environment. One to one meetings take place at the school’s premises each month for an hour. Training and on-going support for the mentors will be provided.

For more information please contact Jocelyn Blacker on 01749 344949 or




On Monday 16th December, 2013 the Annual Older Persons Christmas Tea Party will be held at Brookside School from 2pm – 4pm.  Free minibus transport will be available.  Bookings for the transport and your place for the party can be made with Street Parish Council from Monday 4th November.  Call 01458 440588.




Nominations are invited for the Good Citizen Award and for the Community Award 2013 and must be submitted by 31st January, 2014. Nomination forms can be obtained from the Parish Council – contact details at front of newsletter. The Good Citizen Award is for an individual who has carried out active, unpaid service to the community during the past year, whether it was within an organisation, as a good neighbour or a reliable volunteer. 


The Community Award is for an organisation which has assisted the Street community in some way during the past year.




At Street Parish Rooms we have a large and a small meeting room for hire during the day.  We are located in the centre of Street, close to bus stops and public car parks.  Contact 01458 440588 or email for more details.















C O M E    A L O N G    A N D    H A V E    Y O U R    S A Y!


 2 Parish Councillors will be available from 11 a.m. to 12 Noon in the John Webster Room, Street Parish Rooms, 6 Leigh Road, Street to discuss any matter relating to Street with residents.



Y  O  U  R         C  O  U  N  C  I  L  L  O  R  S


 N O R T H     W A R D




CLLR. BRIAN PERRY                   Belmont House, Sutton Road, Somerton


Tel.  07767 893309                         TA11  6QL




CLLR. MRS. JOYCE SMITH         58 The Whithys, Street   BA16   9PL


Tel.   01458   442536                      Email     


CLLR. BOB SMITH                        58 The Whithys, Street   BA16   9PL


Tel.   01458   442536                      Email


CLLR. GEORGE STEER               83 Portland Road, Street  BA16  9PZ


Tel.   07970   783235                      Email  






S O U T H    W A R D


 CLLR. MRS. VAL. APPLEBY       32 Bluestone Court, Oxendale, Street BA16 0NF


Tel.   01458   446146                      Email






CLLR. BRYAN BEHA                    Kirkee, Marshalls Elm, Street   BA16   0TZ


Tel.   01458   840090                      Email


CLLR. DAVE FILBURN                 10 Princes Road, Street   BA16   0NL


Tel.   01458   446456                      Email


CLLR. LLOYD HUGHES               37 Overleigh, Street   BA16   0TR


Tel.   01458   443742                      Email


CLLR. TERRY NAPPER               33 Brooks Road, Street   BA16   0PN


Tel.   01458   445648                      Email




W E S T    W A R D



CLLR. RICHARD BOYCE             12 Fielding Road, Street   BA16   9PG


Tel.   01458 441828                                    Email


CLLR. ALAN COPPING                 26 Smithfield Road, Street   BA16   0RG


Tel.   01458   443975                      Email


CLLR. MRS. BARBARA COWELL   19 Brookfield Way, Street   BA16   0UE


Tel.   01458   443397                      Email




Cllr. Napper is also a member of Somerset County Council


Cllrs. Beha, Hughes, Napper and Steer are also members of Mendip District Council.


The other District Cllr. is not on the Parish Council and his details are  -


Cllr. J. Carter, Parsonage Farm, Croscombe   BA5   3QN   Tel.   01749   330112




 PARISH CLERK, LINDA RUFF   Street Parish Rooms, BA16 0HA


Tel. 01458 440588                          Email






 1ST APRIL, 2012 TO 31ST MARCH, 2013





Details given of the 12 members and contact details for the Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer and Clerical Assistant.




Details given of the Planning and Policy and Finance Committees and of the various panels and working groups.





Times and dates of meetings of the Council and Committees given.  Details of meetings not yet held below.  Unless otherwise stated all meetings will be held in the John Webster Room at the Parish Rooms, Leigh Road, Street  -




Starts at 7.30 p.m. with Public Question Time at 7.15 p.m. on 3rd Tuesday in month.  Check notices for exact dates.


15th October, 2013, 19th November, 2013,  10th December, 2013,  21st January, 2014, 18th February, 2014,  18th March, 2014 – Annual Parish Meeting at 6.30 p.m., 15th April, 2014




Starts at 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. on 1st Tuesday in month with Public Question Time


5 minutes before the meeting starts. 


Starts at 6 p.m. or 6.30 p.m. on 3rd Tuesday in month with Public Question Time 5 minutes before the meeting starts (start time depends on number of applications to be considered)


Check notices for exact times and dates.


1st and 15th October, 2013, 5th and 19th November, 2013, 3rd and 10th December, 2013


7th and 21st January, 2014,  4th and 18th February, 2014


4th and Wednesday, 19th March, 2014,  1st and 15th April, 2014




Starts at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, 5th November, 2013 and at 7 p.m. on Tuesday,


4th February, 2013.




An Overview of the Council’s  Achievements  in 2012/13


During the year the Parish Council has been working in liaison with other authorities and community organisations on a wide variety of local issues.


 v  In May, 2012 the Investiture Ceremony for the new Council Chairman was held in Strode Theatre.  The Parish Awards 2011 were presented to Susan Monaghan and Bernie Lock who were given the Good Citizen Award.  The Community Award went to Strode Theatre.


v  The Council supervised the Olympic Torch Relay through Street and decorated the route with Union Jack banners.


v  In addition to the new website, the Council set up accounts with Facebook and Twitter to enable local residents to contact them in additional ways.


v  The Clerical Assistant, Rebecca Brown was appointed in May.


v  Consultation was ongoing with Somerset County Council on local highways issues including addition yellow lines at West End and other locations in the village.  The scheme to widen the pavement and install a pinchpoint at The Mullions in the High Street was also completed.


v  The Skate Park has continued to be very popular and minor improvements were carried out during the year.  A new robust fence has been installed adjoining the field so that farm animals cannot get into the Skate Park.


v  New ‘Cold Calling’ Signs were installed at the entrances to the village in partnership with the Street Neighbourhood Watch Association.


 v  Extensive work took place at the Strode Road Allotment Site to improve drainage.  This was match funded by Crispin School.


v  A Christmas Tea Party was again held for older residents of Street at Brookside School and over 80 people attended.  The Christmas Lights at the parish rooms were switched on by Chairman Cllr. Mrs Valerie Appleby.


v  New metal benches were installed in the High Street to replace the wooden benches that had become rotten.


v  Grant assistance was given to numerous organisations including Strode Theatre, Crispin Community Centre, Hindhayes School and Mendip Mallards.


v  The Council improved its storage and archiving facilities in the parish rooms.


v  A telephone box on Somerton Road was adopted in response to a public request for it to be saved.


v  A World War One Centenary Working Group was set up to consider how best to commemorate the centenary in August 2014.


v  Councillor Filburn continued to support local schools and youth groups with the village planter scheme.  1st Street Scout Group is now maintaining several of the planters.


v  The Council took out a subscription to GIS Get Mapping to enable detailed plans to be produced in house.


v  The Chairman planted a tree at Merriman Park to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.


v  A flag pole and Union Flag were erected on the outside of the Parish Rooms to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee Year.


v  The Council commissioned a cabinet for the John Webster Room to display the twinning and other gifts given to the Council over the years.


v  A Street Community Pride Group was set up by local residents, organisations and members of the parish council in response to complaints received from the public.  Two litter picks took place and further events are planned.




During the Council year 2012/2013 a number of community events were held including the Investiture of the New Chairman, Street Football Club Fun Day and Christmas Tea Party.  A wide range of issues were discussed and a number of projects were completed including extensive work at the Strode Road allotment site and the provision of new benches on the High Street.  The Street Skate Park was well used by local young people and meetings took place twice a year to consult with them on the facility.  Meetings have been held in the Parish Rooms and there has been an increase in the number of organisations using the meeting rooms for a variety of purposes.


 v  Numerous planning applications were considered and recommendations submitted to the Local Planning Authority.  Some of the more significant proposals included the extension of the Sainsbury’s supermarket at Gravenchon Way and the erection of supported housing for Bridgwater YMCA in the High Street.


 v  During the year there has been a marked increase in the number of grant applications made to the Council including those from organisations who wish to use the parish rooms.  Details of grants awarded are given in Chapter 5.


 v  Consideration has been given to numerous matters including the construction of a pinchpoint at the Mullions on the High Street and changes to services provided by the County and District Councils due to the reduction in finances.


 v  In November the budget and precept for 2013/14 was agreed.  The precept was set at £250,000 or £74.99 per Band D property.  This was to allow for the Council to take on some responsibilities for providing services that are reduced by the County and District Councils.


 v  In December the Annual Christmas Tea Party was arranged for elderly residents which takes place at Brookside School.  Transport was provided to the event by the Street Children’s Centre using minibuses.


 v  The council continued to hold surgeries once a month at the parish rooms but these were held on a Thursday instead of a Saturday to encourage more local residents to attend.


Street Parish Council


Balance Sheet as at – 31st March 2013


31st March 2012                                                                                                        31st March 2013


                                                Current Assets

            1,037                           Debtors                                                            1,096

            3,382                           VAT Control                                          2,433

            1,878                           Prepayments                                          655

          76,326                           National Westminster Curr A/c           52,092

               357                           Bank of Ireland Corporate Call                 359

                 40                           All Leicester Deposit Acc                           40

            5,067                           Britannia Building Society                     5,072

         60,694                            National Westminster Deposit                    0

                  0                            Petty Cash                                                   6

                  0                            Nat West Bonus Saver                     110,893

____________                                                            _______________

      148,781                                                                                                    172,647

                        _________                                                                                                    _______

                        148,781          Total Assets                                                                            172,647


                                                Current Liabilities


        13,895                             Creditors                                            10,330

____________                                                                                            _______

        13,895                                                                                                    10,330


                        _________                                                                                                    _______

                        134,886           Total Assets Less Current Liabilities                                    162,317


                                                Represented By


                          97,727           General Fund                                                                           125,522

                          37,159           Ear Marked Reserves                                                                 36,795

                        __________                                                                                                    ________

                        134,886                                                                                                          162,317

                        __________                                                                                                    ________


The above statement represents fairly the financial position of the authority as at 31st March 2013

and reflects its Income and Expenditure during the year.















Street Parish Council


Income and Expenditure Account for Year Ended 31st March 2013



31st March 2012                                                                                               31st March 2013


                                                Income Summary

            200,000                       Precept                                                                                    205,000

                       0                       Sponsorship Received                                                            0

                       0                       Grants Received                                                                      0

                4,000                       Reimbursements                                                                435

                     36                       Interest Received                                                               206

_____________                                                                                                          _______

            204,036                      Sub Total                                                                      205,641


                                                Operating Income

                    400                      Administration                                                                     300

               10,250                      Other                                                                                4,719

               12,723                      Council Building                                                               13,738

                        0                      Merriman Park                                                                          0


_____________                                                                                                          ________

            227,408                      Total Income                                                               224,398



                                                Expenditure Summary

               11,130                      PWB/Section 137 Payments                                             14,000

                 2,735                      Christmas PWB / S137                                                       1,242

                    277                      Civic Event and Badges PWB / S137                                      305

_____________                                                                                                          ________

              14,142                      Sub Total                                                                          15,547


                                                Running Costs

               24,228                      Administration                                                                  57,232

               25,945                      Grants                                                                               28,583

               49,264                      Other                                                                                44,952

                 8,925                      Skatepark                                                                          12,969

               39,209                      Council Building                                                                 37,142

                        0                      Merriman Park                                                                        543

_____________                                                                                                          _________

            161,713                      Total Expenditure                                                            196,967

____________                                                                                                         ________


                                                General Fund Analysis

              55,952                       Opening Balance                                                                97,727

            227,408                       Plus : Income for Year                                                     224,398

____________                                                                                                                        _________

            283,360                                                                                                               322,125

            161,713                       Less : Expenditure for Year                                              196,967

____________                                                                                                                        _________

            121,647                                                                                                               125,158

              23,920                       Transfers TO / FROM Reserves                                              - 364

____________                                                                                                                        _________

              97,727                       Closing Balance                                                              125,522